Today any ordinary family can work and school any where on a very frugal budget!

This is our little "Mozart" and she is 18 months into a multi year, open ended trip around the world, that started when she was five. She started playing the violin at 23 months old, so we thought it would be fun to mark her unique odyssey by playing her violin around the world at key places.

This is the first installment, with the most exciting moment being her concert in the Sahara. She rode in on a camel and played for 60 Berber kids that have no running water and have never seen a violin.
This is a travel video, NOT a music or performance video.

The beauty that we are seeing and the kindness of people every where, makes this world seem like heaven. This experience has been a great gift to us and we would like to share some of it with you. Enjoy!

To answer some of the repeated comments, this is not a performance nor is this child a prodigy. The title is about her nick name Mozart, not the music which is Pachabel.It is a unique documentation of our open ended world tour that she wanted to do. You can hear her playing in other vids in our channel, but none are performances as that is not our purpose.

She is just a kid who loves music and is good at it, but also loves most things kids love and has a full life. It took 18 months to make this video and it was hard enough to get the film, let alone decent sound in these crowded, noisy environments. Thus we did a montage cover song as all do in these kinds of videos. She is young and it takes great concentration to play such sophisticated songs under such circumstances, but her nature is one of great joy as you can see in our other videos or website.We are not rich and travel and live on a total of 25,000 dollars a year.

For more information about our open ended family journey around the world, living large on little with lots of how-to information on extended frugal travel, see our website:

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Comment by Soultravelers3 on April 2, 2010 at 5:44pm
Thanks Denise, that is a great idea! We're still traveling ( non-stop since 2006) so now she is 9 and we have LOTS more countries in our next one. It's really hard to get decent sound while filming in these crowded places, but I didn't think about adding a soundtrack as we are not that tech savvy.

We've found an amazing violin teacher ( via Twitter!!) who works with her online , so she is really getting good now.
Comment by deniseherrenbruck on March 1, 2010 at 11:02am
Nice. When you're nearer a recording studio and/or when she's older, maybe you can add her own playing to the soundtrack.

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